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Who Needs Sniffer Dogs When You Have Virtual Reality!

Who Needs Sniffer Dogs When You Have Virtual Reality!

VR News: OK, so the good news is sniffer dogs are still in a job, but Dubai Customs have been using virtual reality to help train their customs staff! You see, believe it or not, criminals will often hide their goods in hard to see places and using VR helps train the customs inspectors to search in all areas. If you think it sounds like a load of arse, just take a look!

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My Thoughts on this Story: It seems VR is becoming the best training tool money can buy and yet again we move into an area I could never imagine VR being useful. While the Dubai Customs training is more of a game than a serious tool it does still help people new to the job and when it comes to terrorism and drug smuggling it can only be a good thing. With all this VR training going on I have to wonder if one day it will be more acceptable to have VR training rather than a college degree in the chosen job sector!

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