Wrong Voyage Ex

Intro: After getting lost in the wrong levels for an eternity I came to a new unknown area, where ancient constructions and technology meets without a reason. Again the same questions unanswered. Who had built this world apparently abandoned? what was my role in all this? I have to find out…
Comfort Level: Moderate
Internet connection: Not Required
Number of Players: Single Player
Genre: Adventure
Space required: 237.4 MB
Supported Controllers: Oculus Go Controller
Age Rating: PG
Price: £1.49 ($2)
Movement: Forward facing only
Playing Position: Sitting or Standing

Oculus Go Gold Award

Wrong Voyage Ex
Wrong Voyage Ex
Wrong Voyage Ex
Review: It has to be said the graphics in Wrong Voyage Ex are basic at best and the enemy animations and indeed the enemies themselves leave a lot to be desired. But when it comes to gameplay and immersion this game has bucket loads of it. While the graphics might look basic they do get the job done and leave you feeling like you really are in an alien world exploring and trying to understand what it all means. Then on top of that, this is one of those games that is grossly underpriced. I would have paid £5 ($7) for this easy and not grumbled. But it is only £1.49 ($2) and that makes this not only a great bargain but also a pretty great VR game overall.
Click Here - Download Now
Click Here - Download Now

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