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Zombie Donuts (Gear VR)

Zombie Donuts (Oculus Go & Gear VR)

Zombie Donuts (Gear VR)The VR Shop - Silver Award
System: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go
Price at Time Of Review: £0.79 ($1)
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Fun Shooter
Input: Gear VR Controller, Touchpad
Best Playing Position: Sitting, Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG


Description: Set in a candy apocalypse, you’ll have to fend off waves of Zombie Donuts and collect goodies as the time runs out. Slow down and dispatch the Donuts with your Marshmallow Blaster, firing with the trigger button. Don’t let them touch you! Zombie Donuts will take a bite of you and your score!

Review: If you think Zombie Donuts looks and sounds crazy you would be spot on. If you need cheering up, this game is what you need, with silly enemies, crazy scenery and even stranger marshmallow gun it really is a daft as games get. Sadly all the crazy graphics and the daft storyline doesn’t stop this game being almost unplayable. Put simply it is too hard, to fast with a very poor, slow firing rate. You can’t even upgrade the weapon meaning you are stuck on the first level, forever trying and forever failing to reach the 500 point to the next level. The good news is everything else is OK with this game, so just a few small changes and all it needs to make it a joy to play. Probably best to give this one a miss until those said changes are made.

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