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A Chair in a Room: Greenwater (PSVR)

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater (PSVR)

System: PSVR
Price at Time Of Review: £17.99
Comfort Rating: Yellow
Genre: Horror
Size: 2.39 GB
Best Playing Position: Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: 18+
VR Shop Score 1/100: 80

Description: This eerie and atmospheric thriller immerses you in your own horror story. Using a number of locations, flashbacks and memories that are often jarring and disorienting, you will solve clues and puzzles to piece together your past.

The gameplay is set at a deliberately slow pace that builds tension and allows you time to explore your surroundings. Your harrowing story unfolds in a disturbing narration rather than jump scares, which only adds to the unease and suspense as you journey through your troubled psyche. You will need to study the clues to unlock your memories and reveal why you have awoken in the sinister Greenwater Institute.

Review: A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is an update to the critically acclaimed Chair In A Room that you can still play on a mobile VR headset. But this is the PSVR and it uses all the VR horror tricks to make you so scared you will want to sell the headset and never mention the game again. I even found myself jumping out of my skin when a bed suddenly appeared behind me! Nothing scary, just…unexpected. And the unexpected is what this game throws at you from start to finish. While I do still say it is overpriced I do think it is one of THE best VR horror experiences out there and trust me, that is high praise indeed.

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