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MTR Crossrail Make a VR Train Station, but This Is No Game

MTR Crossrail Make a VR Train Station, but This Is No Game

VR News: MTR Crossrail (The “MTR stands for “Mass Transit Railway”) has created its own training program in VR for staff to spot possible dangers and problems before they happen. Things like suicide attempts at the train station or possible terrorists attacks. This is the first time VR has been used in this way in the transport sector anywhere in the world (as far as I know of anyway).

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My Thoughts on this Story: What I love about this use of VR is that it keeps staff away from dangerous situations that might well occur in real-life situations, but it also keeps the real-world train platforms free of groups of people doing their training there. While virtual training will never match a real-world situation (not yet anyway) it will at least teach staff the sort of things to look out for. This is a great use of VR and well done MTR Crossrail for developing yet another thing that will keep VR technology in the limelight.

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