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What Is the Real Future of VR? Weird Tries To Find Out!

What Is the Real Future of VR? Weird Tries To Find Out!

VR News: Personally, I am not a fan of I find their articles too one-sided. But now and again they do strike gold and this article titled “The Wired Guide to Virtual Reality” is one of those moments. Written by Peter Rubin it’s a great article that goes through the history of VR to its future and it has a lot of well researched and written points making it well worth a look, even if you skip to the end to discover what thinks VR’s future is.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While most of the article is VR history written a hundred times before the part titled “The Future of VR” is what makes it worth a read. Mimicking what I have said the future of VR is all along, the article makes some fantastic points about people expectations and trepidations of the technology (both AR and VR). But it also considers a darker future that, to be honest, I haven’t thought about because of my own VR tinted glasses.

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