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VR Sales Might Be Slowing Down, But VR in Sport is Speeding Up!

VR Sales Might Be Slowing Down, But VR Use in Sports is Speeding Up!

VR News: In this article, Jen Booton from takes a look at the surprising growth of sports stars, teams and even managers using VR as a learning tool! While sales of VR headsets are falling it seems one area that VR might thrive is in sports development and learning. But could future VR technology go a step further and make a real difference to sports as a whole?

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My Thoughts on this Story: Using VR as a sports-aid is something I didn’t see coming. While all the haters laugh at Facebook spending billions on VR they look past the different aspects of VR and just see a gaming machine. With sports training and live 360 video VR all growing in numbers it’s just one more area that VR could easily grow. It doesn’t matter if VR doesn’t make a dent in the video games industry, just as long as it makes a permeant dent in other aspects of our daily lives, especially those of sports stars.

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