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Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator (Steam VR)

Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator (Steam VR)

£44.99 ($60)
System:Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Comfort Rating:Red (Extreme Movement)
Genre:Flight Simulator
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers, Gamepad, Keyboard / Mouse
Playing Positions:Sitting
Age Rating:PG

Description: Fly complex airliners, helicopters, jets, gliders, historical and aerobatic aircraft across the photorealistic world of Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator! Pick from over 10,000 real world flights and become immersed in the highly detailed cockpits and scenery in VR. – Step aboard, Captain!

Review: Until ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator” came along ‘Aerofly FS 2‘ was one of the best flight sims for our VR headsets and the good news is ‘Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator’ is very much the same game. Sadly though, it is pretty much the same thing as well. With its new Career mode and challenges, this game feels more like a game than ‘Aerofly FS 2’, but yet it just doesn’t really offer much of an upgrade at all.

The biggest issue this game has is that it always was going to be compared to ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator” and it just doesn’t hold a torch. If this game had been half the price of MFS it would have been worth a look and I accept that the VR implementation is much better than MFS. When you compare the two it is like ‘Aerofly FS 4’ was made years ago in comparison. I just can’t recommend this sim at full price, but if you can grab it in a good sale you might enjoy it more than I did.

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