Bandit Six (Gear VR)

“…great fun, looks amazing, but also slightly thought-provoking.”

Things You Might Need

  1. Gear VR
  2. Controller
  3. Headphones or Earphones

Bandit Six

Bandit Six (1)
Bandit Six (2)
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Software Name: Bandit Six
Age Rating: Family Friendly
System: Gear VR
Type: Arcade
Size: 148.29M
Ads: No

Controller Use: Not Required, But Better With

Review: Strap on your Gear VR headset and man the tail guns of a World War 2 bomber fending off swarms of attacking fighters as they close in for the kill. You’ll face the enemy’s deadliest aerial weapons, from the iconic Me109, to V2 rockets, jets and missiles. Designed exclusively for the Gear VR where you use your head to aim and the touchpad (or controller) to shoot, Bandit Six delivers intense first-person aerial combat in over 60 missions set amidst skies full of tracer, flak, flames and planes. So man the guns and join the fight. We give you the firepower. You give ’em hell!

Bandit Six is one of those apps that is great fun, looks amazing, but also slightly thought-provoking. Once you start to get into this game (and you will because it looks and sounds amazing) you soon start to realise just how terrifying it would have been as a gunner in World War 2 bomber. With countless enemies on your planes tail (with your friends inside the plane) it would have been very scary indeed. While this game is great fun it might also make people think about what these brave people did for their country.


Download Bandit Six Now
Download Bandit Six Now

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