Shooting Showdown 2 (Gear VR)

“…one of those games you could play for hours and never get board.”

Things You Might Need

  1. Gear VR
  2. Controller
  3. Headphones or Earphones

Shooting Showdown 2

Shooting Showdown 2 (1)
Shooting Showdown 2 (2)
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Software Name: Shooting Showdown 2
Age Rating: Family Friendly
System: Gear VR
Type: Shooter
Size: 55.95/m
Ads: No

Controller Use: Not Required, But Best With

Review: The Shooting Showdown franchise turned the FPS genre on its head with groundbreaking gyroscopic virtual reality and ultra-competitive multiplayer. Now with Shooting Showdown 2 VR, the world’s first virtual reality shooting range is back with in-your-face GearVR support. Simply move your head to aim and tap the touchpad to shoot Whether honing your skills in the practice range or challenging a player on the other side of the globe, Shooting Showdown 2 VR puts your sharpshooting skills to the test.

While this game is indeed online multiplayer, there is no interaction between players other than the challenge of shooting. This is one of those games you could play for hours and never get board. There is the whole multiplayer challenges as well as some bonus game challenges. The whole game just feels fine tuned and polished. While the graphics are not going to blow you away they are more than adequate. Maybe some voice chat between players would have been good, but then again you could aways let your aiming and shooting do the talking.


Download Shooting Showdown 2 Now
Download Shooting Showdown 2 Now

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