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Canon VR

Canon VR

Canon VR

About: The rush to grab a piece of the virtual reality market continues to heat up, with the latest entry into the field being Japanese electronics brand Canon. Unveiled without much hype during this week’s Canon Expo in New York, Canon showed off a VR device that looks something like a futuristic version of an old school View-Master or the periscope on a next-gen stealth submarine. Square with rounded edges and two downward pointing handles, the device allows the user to look into a VR display. On the other side, onlookers see an LED-framed square, indicating that the device is in operation.

Canon VR Specs and Info…

Headset: Canon VR
Manufacturer: Canon Inc
Announced Date: September 2015
Release Date: Never Released
Launch Price: Unknown
Device Type: Handheld VR (PC Powered)
Display: X2 5.5″ LCD Panels at 2560 X 1440
Diagonal Field of View(FOV): 120°
Refresh Rate: 90 Hz
Weight: Unknown
Battery: N/A
Tracking: 6 DoF Inside-out (marker based)
Controllers: N/A

Canon VR

Our Thoughts:

This VR handheld headset from Canon looks more like a submarine telescope than any virtual reality headset that has gone before it but will that really give them the edge? But Canon isn’t daft and neither are they new to the VR game. The Canon MREAL was released in 2013 and was meant for industrial uses only. But that just means that now know what works and what doesn’t which is a lot more than what many of the other big name players can say.

It’s not just all talk, it has the system stats to back it up as well. With a massive dual 2560×1440 display and 120 degrees field of view, it is not something people are going to forget in a hurry. Canon certainly has the image resolution skills to back it up, but is the just another industry only headset like the MREAL or will this be something more mainstream. Only time will tell.

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