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Nautilus VR

Nautilus VR

Nautilus VR

About: With so many virtual reality headsets that claim to turn almost any smartphone into a fully immersive experience, it can be hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Nautilus VR is a phone mounted display device that really does do something none of the others are doing because it lets you experience VR underwater!

Just pop in your smartphone, load up the Nautilus app and go underwater! The system lets you breathe easily and it can turn any normal swimming pool into a colourful underwater world of coral, fish, sea turtles and even a blue whale! There is also a reason the HMD makers wanted to make such an unusual experience and that was to teach people about respecting the environment. Let’s face it, one day this might be the only way you will get to see and experience such a thing because it might have all vanished!

Nautilus VR Specs and Info…

Headset: Nautilus VR (Project Nautilus VR)
Manufacturer: Remotte LLC
Announced Date: May 2015
Release Date: Never Released
Launch Price: $119 (£88)
Device Type: VR Headset (Smartphone Powered)
Display: N/A
Diagonal Field of View(FOV): 70°
Refresh Rate: N/A
Weight: Unknown
Battery: N/A
Controllers: 3 DoF Non-positional (Smartphone Gyroscope Based)

Nautilus VR

Our Thoughts: There is no easy way to say this, but Nautilus VR was a terrible idea from the start. Not only did it have all the issues regarding water damage to the smartphones you inserted into the headset, but also potential drownings to the people who used it! While I can see where the makers of this headset were going with it, it was never going to be a serious product. Even if they did manage to make it work properly the potential lawsuits were endless.

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