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Virtual Reality 9D (2015)

Manufacturer: Guangzhou Skyfun Animation Technology Co Ltd.
Release Date: December 2015
Headset Type: PC Powered VR Headset
Display: Single LCD panel at 1080 x 1920 Resolution
Field of View(FOV): 125°
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: Yes
Screen Focus Adjustment: No
Weight: 510g (17.98 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

AuraVisor (2015)

Manufacturer: Damson Store
Launch Price: $199 (£146.45)
Release Date: October 2015
Headset Type: VR Headset (All-in-one)
Display: 5.5 inch LCD panel at 1920 x 1080
Field of View(FOV): 90°
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
CPU: RK3288 Quad Core A17 32bit 1.8GHz
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: Yes
Weight: 621g (21.90 oz)

DEEPOON e2 (2016)

Manufacturer: DPVR
Launch Price: $300 (£221)
Release Date: August 2016
Headset Type: VR Headset (All-in-one)
Display: Single AMOLED Panel at 1920 X 1080
Field of View(FOV): 100°
Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
CPU: Intel i5
GPU: DirectX 3D10, Nvida GT X720 / AMD R9 290 and above
Weight: 657g (23.17 oz)