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Oculus Go Used in Classroom

Could the Oculus Go Be Perfect for Classroom VR Learning?

It has long been known there are real benefits of introducing VR to the classroom environment. From teaching kids using the Google Expeditions kit to full educational systems that use VR headsets. But what about the Oculus Go? I believe it would make a great classroom tool and here is why…

Oculus Go Used in Classroom

One of the biggest attractions for use in the school classroom has to be its price. Even the poorest of schools could afford one, maybe two of them, with more wealthier school and educational centres being able to afford a lot more. With no smartphones, no PC needed they really are all the school needs to show kids related content to their studies, especially when it comes to things that can’t be experienced in real life, like meeting dinosaurs and being able to gauge their size or visit the ISS and interact with some of the things located on it, the Oculus Go really could be a great educational tool.

It’s all very well talking about a place or watching a video, but to experience it in VR is something that helps the brain soak up a lot more of it. I’m not saying we will see Oculus Go’s used in classrooms all over the world, but by having just one in the classroom could enable kids to see things they could only imagine, hopefully sparking their interest in learning more about it. With all the apps and games coming to the Oculus Go as well as more and more creators making amazing 360° video content, the future use of VR in education seems pretty certain. Personally, I think the Oculus Go could well become a small part of it (or maybe a big part!).



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