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Could VR Be Regulated by Its Own Body One Day?

VR News: While leading brains talk about the pros and cons of VR at the Talking Tech conference in Norwich it was discussed is VR should ever need to be regulated by a government body! While the answer at the moment was no due to the small size of the market it was discussed that is should if the market grows higher than it currently is.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While I am sure one day VR will indeed be considered a big enough market to have its own regulation. This is what was said at the conference: “All of our data is anonymised completely, and for the moment VR and AR is currently too small to be regulated by its own body. But if it takes off in the next five to ten years, we would see VR used in clinics and rehabs around the world, which will raise a question for regulatory bodies to consider how to protect medical data.” Personally, I can’t see it being taken any more seriously than social media regulation does currently and we all know Facebook flicks the bird to any country it chooses, so would VR be any different? I feel the more VR dips its toes into the medial market the more regulation that will have to be put behind it. Sure, its a long way off needing it at the moment, but one day it might be something we are all discussing.

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