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cyVeRpunk (Steam VR)

cyVeRpunk (Steam VR)

£4.99 ($6.99)
System:Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Genre:Action Shooter
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing
Age Rating:PG

Description: cyVeRpunk is a fast-paced VR on-rail shooter (like Time Crisis) where the player is a freelancer working for the mob in a futuristic cyberpunk-themed city. In your mission, you will have to breach into a crime scene and recover a briefcase full of proofs. To accomplish your mission you will have to participate in many shootouts and even fight some mecha.

Review: ‘cyVeRpunk’ is a ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ inspired VR action shooter in which you will be shooting at waves of enemies as you travel from waypoint to waypoint. This also means you don’t get any motion sickness which is nice. While the graphics are low-poly I have to say I did like the look of the game with its dark sci-fi environments and arcade shooter style for the small price it is there is some enjoyment to be had here.

Sadly the game is quite shallow and doesn’t have a whole lot to unlock or enjoy, but those of us who enjoy arcade shooters will feel right at home here ducking and leaning around corners. Sure, it’s not original, but it offers enough to make it worth the download, just as long as you remember you didn’t pay a lot for this in the first place.

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