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Be (Steam VR)

Be (Steam VR)

£10.29 ($12.99)
System:Oculus Rift Only
Comfort Rating:Yellow (Mild Movement)
Genre:Interactive Experience
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Multi-Player:Yes, Online Co-op
Age Rating:PG

Description: Get away from the stress of life and fuel your soul. Spend time in a beautiful world, perhaps sitting by the water, walking in the forest … or tickle your creative impulses by building your dream house (or super-villain pad?). Be is all about exploration, building and … well, just “Be”ing. Theres no work, no time pressures. No nasty surprises. Be is a place where you can relax and do nothing (listen to the birds!) or engage in construction limited only by your imagination.

Review: On paper ‘Be’ sounds like a swell idea for a social game. It offers a small island on which you, friends and random strangers can build upon. Featuring wonderful locations and a vast amount of building elements, it would have been crossed between a relaxation game and a social chat room. Sadly what we have upon release is a mess of a game that barely works. From countless bugs and glitches to it seeming not being made for VR at all, this game isn’t relaxing, in fact, I would say it was down-right frustrating.

There is of course no-one else online so you are left to play on your own which brings back to the game’s original problems. There is NOTHING here that suggests it’s worth paying £10.29 ($12.99) as there are no challenges and no enjoyment of using the frustrating building mechanics. Sure, the game does have potential I suppose and maybe it will be worth a visit in a years time, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so now.

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