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Sail (Steam VR)

Sail (Steam VR)

£11.39 ($14.99)
System:Oculus Rift Only
Comfort Rating:Yellow (Mild Movement)
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Standing
Age Rating:PG

Description: Earn your Pirate reputation through EPIC voyages where you’ll test yourself by collecting as much treasure as possible and bringing it back safely to your Pirate hideout.

Review: ‘Sail’ is a pirate-themed open-world adventure game in which you will be doing battle at seas and swashbuckling on land, this game has a little bit of everything pirate based and you can ever use voice commands to fire the cannons, raise the sails and a few other things which does help immerse you into the game, but I have to moan that when I put on a terrible pirate voice it didn’t really understand me. To be fair the game looks good and the music is pretty great as well, but unlike what many other reviews are saying, this game is far, far from perfect.

Sadly this game still needs a LOT of work. It’s buggy, glitchy and it feels forced with action rather than chance encounters. Also, the whole game is void of life apart from all the enemy ships and a few other essential NPC’s. But there are no ships to buy, no multiplayer and invisible walls that really break the immersion. While I do still give this game a “Silver” award for now that is more about the potential this game has rather than its current state, so do bear that in mind before making a purchase and do try to get it as cheaply as possible.

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