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DeepSea VR - Google Daydream

DeepSea VR (Daydream VR)

DeepSea VR - Google DaydreamThe VR Shop - Bronze Award
Price at Time Of Review: £1.89 ($2.50)
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Non-Interactive Experience
Input: Daydream Controller
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG
File Size: 75 MB

Description: In the deep sea corner, experience the most authentic underwater world. A variety of deep sea creatures around you, as if you have become a member of this deep sea. Swinging the water, the peristaltic starfish, the free fish, the ferocious big white shark, all let you in the sea, experience the day cannot feel the world!

Review: DeepSea VR is a non-interactive underwater experience that does at the very least offer some small level of escapism and relaxation. With loads of different sea creatures from whales to squid, fish to starfish, there is something to see almost everywhere and it is oddly peaceful. Sadly that is just about all I can offer in terms of pro-points. Sure, it looks OK I guess, but there is zero collision detection on rocks and other sea creatures meaning they pass through rocks and each other with zero problems. It is the lack of non-movement that really kills this app and its asking price. If you need a totally free underwater experience that looks amazing, try Ocean Rift because there is no way this is worth a single penny in price. But with some movement controls added and some underwater scenery this might be an OK experience. But at the moment it is best avoided or just buy it to support the developer.

No Longer Available

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