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Ever Fancied Going to the Proms

Ever Fancied Going to the Proms? Well, Now You Can in VR!

VR News: It looks like 360 video is overtaking the world of new media at a fast rate and this time it is going to the proms and recording an experience of sound and vision. Its the first time 360 video has been used in conjunction with the proms so expectations are high.

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My Thoughts on this Story: Its no secret to anyone who has used any form of VR headset that music and VR are a powerful combination especially when trying to portray emotional content. It’s easy for people to hear and “feel” the music if they are living the path the music is taking you on, being actually “inside” of it. Proms orchestral classical music concerts are powerfully emotional events on their own, but with a WW1 VR visual experience as well I can only imagine it will be amazing. With 360 video and audio quality getting better and better I can only hope even more events in the future will use the same pre-recorded and live media form.

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