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Financial Traders Could Soon Be Trading in VR!

Financial Traders Could Soon Be Trading in VR!

VR News: If you have ever seen the often chaotic scenes on the top financial trading floors you would have noticed it just isn’t going to work well with social distancing rules. That is why one of the leaders UBS Group AG has been experimenting with VR. It might not just be one possible option for Financial Traders moving forward, it might be their only option. Jeremy Hodges from Bloomberg reports –

My Thoughts: Sadly we could all be living with this pandemic for years to come so anything that helps people carry on as close to life was is always welcomed. VR technology certainly has the speed of response that matters when on the trading floor, but I think we all know deep down it will be all done via AI learning rather than VR technology. I hate to put a dampener on this otherwise pro-VR story, but that is the truth. Having said that, it is not the strangest use of VR I have seen so far, so who knows, it might just work (if only in the short-term).

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