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Fishing Adventure VR (Steam VR)

Fishing Adventure VR (Steam VR)

Fishing Adventure VR (Steam VR)

VR Shop Score – Bronze Award

System: Valve Index, Oculus Rift & Windows MR
Price at Time Of Review: £9.29
Comfort Rating: Yellow (Mild Movement)
Genre: Sports
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers
Best Playing Position: Sitting, Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG

Description: Fishing Adventure VR is a typical fishing game, where the player can (drums) catch different fish species! Fish in USA, Hawaii and other unique fisheries.

Review: From the same developers who brought the broken arse, mess of a game called “Demolish & Build VR” to us all comes yet another broken arse, mess of a game in the form of Fishing Adventure VR. Need a tutorial to get started? Here are a few pointless 2D videos explaining nothing! What to catch fish? Tough, because by the time you work out how to cast they would have died from old age! With its terrible graphics, unjustifiable asking price and lack of simple fishing mechanics this is not a game I would recommend unless some serious work is done to it. But I have so little hope of that happening I will be getting a refund.

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