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Has Virtual Reality Reached a “Tipping Point.” and Fallen onto the Good Side?

Has Virtual Reality Reached a “Tipping Point.” and Fallen onto the Good Side?

VR News: Dan Robitzski from believes virtual reality has already reached a “Tipping Point.” and is here to stay. His point is that almost everyone has heard of a VR headset (PSVR, Vive, Oculus) but probably not had the chance to play them. But with headsets like the Oculus Go VR is wiggling its way into everyone’s lives, even if it’s just a test demo at a local arcade or electronics store. He believes that it is now at the point that it would be hard to imagine the world without a growing VR market.

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My Thoughts on this Story: It’s pretty clear to me that Dan Robitzski is old enough to remember the first time VR was “the next big thing” but back then it was far too expensive, it was underpowered and there was simply no way it was ever going to work. But these days, of course, it is affordable and becoming more and more available (even if the means just for testing and trying it out). I have to say I agree with pretty much all he has to say. While it will be a slow, uphill battle to win people over I think VR technology will indeed get there and maybe AR soon afterwards. Sure, it might not feel that way lately, but do also think that “Tipping Point” has been and gone.

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