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HoloBall (PSVR)

HoloBall (PSVR)

HoloBall (PSVR)

The VR Shop - Silver Award
System: PSVR 1
Price at Time Of Review: £11.99
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Sports
Input: Move Controllers
Best Playing Position: Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG


Description: Compete for glory in a retro-future world ruled by rogue AI. Equipped with only a paddle and your own skill do you have what it takes to defeat your master and earn your freedom? HoloBall plunges players into an action-sports arcade arena inspired by one of the most iconic games of all time. Use your paddles to hit, smash and curve the HoloBall past your opponent to score. Learn skillshots and perfect your timing to outmatch your increasingly difficult opponents.

Review: Once again we dive into a game that has a very distinctive Tron style about it, both in gameplay and graphics. The idea of the game is to use your batons to whack the ball pass the AI-controlled goalie at the other end. It might all start out to be fair simple, but it soon turns into a fast-paced VR tennis style rally where only the fastest and fittest will win.

The game is set in a Tron style retro-future the game is basic looking, but it’s soft neon glowing lines does make the game feel more immersive and believable. While there is a leaderboard there is sadly no online multiplayer which is a shame, but the once player mode is sure to keep you amused for some time.

Be warned, this is a very physical game the lures you into thinking it is easy, but things will soon get much harder and you will be zooming about your play like a professional squash player. The good news is the game is really responsive and the gameplay was super smooth. While I think it could have done with an online multiplay mode it is still a good game to play on your own and get fit. I think if you use this game often to have fun and get fit you will get good value for money from it, but if you are only going to play it once you might not. So download it and get your money’s worth!

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