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Immerse - Language Learning Reimagined (Oculus Quest)

Immerse – Language Learning Reimagined (Oculus Quest)

Free (in-App Payments)
System:Oculus Quest 2 Only
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Genre:Educational, Social Media,
Input:Touch Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing, Room-Scale
Age Rating:PG

Description: Welcome to Immerse, the virtual world that brings the excitement and effectiveness of language immersion directly to your living room. No longer do you have to endure the lonely journey of memorizing vocabulary and phrases in order to learn a language.

Review: ‘Immerse – Language Learning Reimagined’ is a social media and educational app that sees you learning new languages and joining a community of other people all learning together. It reminds me a lot of AltSpace in terms of style. You can only learn Spanish (and English) at the moment with Japanese coming soon. With the free trial you get access to a few short videos, the empty social lounge and very little else.

While I did enjoy the short tutorial I just don’t see many people paying the large monthly fees for this when there are cheaper, more proven alternatives for our smartphones. Its a good app and a very good try at using VR technology for something other than games, but for me the high fees outweigh any potential the app might have, but I guess the true value of this app is only what you personally get out of it.

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