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Mother Reunited With Dead Daughter in VR Goes Horribly Wrong

Mother Reunited With Dead Daughter in VR Goes Horribly Wrong


VR News: At first, you might be thinking this is a pro-VR story, but it turns out not everyone was happy with what happened. The story goes that a Korean channel made a documentary about a mother being reunited with her dead daughter in virtual reality. They rendered the little girl she lost to leukaemia in 2016 as best they could, even using her real voice taken from sound samples of home videos. So she looked like her, sounded like her and it should have been a great moment for reality TV and VR as a whole. But not everyone was happy with the way it went down… –

My Thoughts: Sure, I kind of get why people would think this is emotional voyeurism, but the woman in question agreed to everything and knew what she was getting into. Besides, isn’t all reality TV manipulation of peoples emotions? As long as she was OK with it I just think it was a nice way for someone to see their loved one again and I can imagine a lot of people might want to do the same, especially those who have lost someone without the chance to say goodbye. Sure, it was a powerful, deeply emotional moment, but it calling it exploitive voyeurism is taking things a step too far. Let’s face it, reality VR shows have gone a lot further than this and got away with it! (yeah, I looking at you Love Island).

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