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Here is Why Using an Online Casino is Better in VR

Here is Why Using an Online Casino is Better in VR

Here is Why Using an Online Casino is Better in VR

Millions of people use an online casino each and every day, but hardly anyone does it in VR. While you can easily explain that away due to the lack of users of VR, there are reasons why using an online casino┬áis so much better in VR and here are five reasons why…


Most online casino sites these days are pretty safe, but at the end of the day other people on the bus, train or even just sat at home can see what you are doing. But in VR you can do whatever you want and people can’t see your screen. This is especially handy while playing poker as you can hear and see what the other players are doing without the noise bothering other people. In fact, being in VR is just as good as a private poker room in a real casino!


Its all well and good getting into a good card game using a PC screen, but in VR you can become part of the game, feel as if you are in an exclusive casino with only you and a handful of other players. Its private, peaceful and immersive and that is what makes VR so good when it comes to online casinos

The Big Screen

It doesn’t matter how big your PC monitor is, it will never be as big as a VR web browser can be. With a virtual screen that can look as big as 50ft long and 20ft tall, you can see just about anything you want. It’s like using an online casino on the worlds biggest screen only it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!


You don’t need any PC or tablet to play in VR, you can use an all in one VR headset which is non-intrusive and leaves your desktop PC or laptop for someone else to play or use. This is especially true when you live with a family as you can still visit your online casino without it impacting little eyes if you get my meaning.

You Can Gamble…Anywhere!

You don’t have to wait until you get home, you can have a game of poker on a plane, on the bus or even in the back of a taxi. VR is perfect for online casinos as you can sit down on the sofa and gamble, lay down in bed or sit out in the garden enjoying the sun.

As you can see, there are some real benefits to using an online casino in VR that no monitor or desktop PC can replicate. While VR is not for everyone the benefits are very real and multiple in number. I really don’t think I could ever go back to using a 2D screen for gambling again!

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