Could the New Samsung Odyssey+ Be the Reason for the Lack of Gear VR News?

VR News: While Samsung themselves are declining to comment it looks like they are about to release a new mixed-reality headset, the Samsung Odyssey+. Seen in a new FCC filing this might have been something they were testing and won’t bother to release it due to the flop of their other mixed reality headset. While it doesn’t look entirely different to the original Odyssey headset it does feature dual 3.5 inch screens with a resolution of 1440*1600 pixels per eye and even features integrated audio from AKG.

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My Thoughts on this Story: Earlier this month I was reported that Samsung didn’t have any Gear VR news and indeed the Samsung Note 9 won’t be compatible with the Gear VR. But could the news that Samsung is about to release the Odyssey+ be the reason for that lack of Gear VR news? I’m not sure, neither am I sure on the merits of Mixed Reality headsets. What I do like is that Samsung are still dipping their toes into the VR waters and that means they could be working on something much, much better than the Odyssey+

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