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The Nintendo Switch Gets a Real Virtual Reality Headset?!

The Nintendo Switch Gets a Real Virtual Reality Headset?!

VR News: It seems that if Nintendo themselves won’t make a VR headset for the Nintendo Switch someone else will. That is where Canadian company Exkilm steps in and does just that. Called the Nintendo Switch “NS Glasses” it’s a 3DOF VR headset that uses-the Switch screen to power itself. So is this a Joke or is it a real item?

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My Thoughts on this Story: To be honest there is very little point in making this headset other than proving that you can indeed make one! The Switch’s low-resolution, heavy weight and high price tag means you don’t get a good VR experience and there is almost no point given the low price of the Oculus Go! While I am all for VR reaching as many people as possible, I just feel this is more of a novelty/showcase item rather than something real that you might be able to get online or from a shop. I’m not sure what they will be changing for this VR headset but it can’t be cheaper than a Durovis Dive 7 as that will also fit the Switch. Who knows, if Exkilm self enough of these maybe it will make Nintendo themselves make an official one.

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