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Phobias (Mobile VR)


VR Shop Score – Silver Award

Requires Android: 4.4 and up
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Yellow (Mild Movement)
File Size: 50 MB
Input: Other
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: 15+

Description: Phobias is a fun and immersive virtual reality game that puts you in a place where you would challenge your phobia. Overcome your fear of heights, spiders or closed spaces and many more to come.

Review: Ever wanted to get over your phobias? Just as long as they consist of arachnophobia, claustrophobia or Acrophobia this highly immersive virtual reality game will put you in a place where you can confront your phobia. Strangely we here at the VR shop office have built up a phobia of poor quality VR games! Happily, this didn’t set us off at all.

Sadly only claustrophobia is available in the free version of this app and you have to download the others for a cost. But it works well and really does make you feel a little enclosed. Will it help you get over your fear? No, but it might help you understand what makes it real or not. It’s a great app, but we can’t see it making any psychologists unemployed anytime soon. It might not cure your phobias, but it will show how VR can induce them.

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