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£11.39 ($14)
System:Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Comfort Rating:Green (No Movement)
Input:Tracked Motion Controllers
Playing Positions:Sitting, Standing
Age Rating:PG

Description: Plasmatic is a virtual, utopian space into which our society has voluntarily moved. We wake up from it unexpectedly. Our goal is to repair the main simulation core of Plasmatic. The continuation of life lived in it before will not be possible without the reparation. We are helped to achieve the goal by the Plasmatic’s artificial intelligence called SPIRIT. During the game we slowly get to know the real intentions of our guide and we start to question the rightness of the goal we have to achieve. We are also becoming more and more aware of the fact that its implementation depends only on us.

Review: ‘PLASMATIC’ is a puzzle game with a sci-fi setting in which you will be trying to repair “the main simulation core of Plasmatic” which consists of getting balls of the same colour into a collector. Of course, things are not as easy as that and you need to think strategically about how to go about this. There are also other factors like a time limit and coloured gates to keep things interesting. In fact, the core of the game is pretty simple to get the hang of, but that is not the story when it comes to the controls in general. Sadly it is the cumbersome controls that stop this game from being much better than it currently is. But that is something that could be sorted out with time. It will take you a while to get used to them and you will often be left feeling frustrated, but you can also easily get into this game, so I do just about recommend it. I just wish it was a little cheaper, or had more levels. It looks OK and can be fun to play most of the time, just be prepared to be patient and you will be rewarded.

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