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Top 10 Key Selling Points: PrioVR

  1. Could also be used by home programmers
  2. Highly accurate real-time performance
  3. Affordable motion capture technology
  4. Allows full-body interaction
  5. 360 degrees of low-latency
  6. Supports 3D Unity and UDK
  7. Lowest price in the world
  8. Completely wireless
  9. 5 to 10 ms latency
  10. Portable system

Made by YEI Technology the PrioVR is not a virtual reality headset, but a full motion body tracking system that will enable even more immersion into the virtual world.

Placed on key areas of the body it can become a full gaming suit and places your entire body and movements into the game. Imagine breaking boxes in a game with your own hands, being able to fight with anyone in the world without suffering a single bruise. While it might need a lot of other additional hardware to work with, it is a great idea and well worth a Kickstarter investment.

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