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Shock Troops (Oculus Quest)

Shock Troops (Oculus Quest)

£7.99 ($9.99)
System:Oculus Quest 2 Only
Comfort Rating:Yellow (Mild Movement)
Genre:FPS (Moving)
Input:Touch Controllers
Playing Positions:Standing, Sitting
Age Rating:PG

Description: The Shock Troops are sent anywhere in the Galaxy where a problem needs to be solved with extreme prejudice. Players will shoot their way through an epic interstellar adventure and uncover a dark conspiracy to end mankind.

Inspired by classics such as Doom and Quake, Shock Troops visual features include pixel-art textures and a mix of 3D environments and 2D sprites, seamlessly blending classic style with modern lighting.

Review: ‘Shock Troops is a voxel-cube styled shooter that gives off Aliens Vs Doom style vibes. It’s a first-person shooter in which one hand holds a scanner and the other a small selections of guns, all very much sci-fi themed. Despite its retro-styled looks, the game does actually look pretty good and the gameplay does hold up as well. Sure, it’s just another shooter, but it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

Apart from the lack of options when it comes to holding the guns and scanner, plus the lack of a tutorial I really didn’t have much issue with this game at all and I would even say it offers pretty good value for money. Some people might be put off by the pixel-art style of the game, but I really didn’t mind it. It’s got a good price for a pretty good game and there really isn’t much to say about it other than it gets an easy recommendation from me.

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