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Smashing the Battle

Smashing The Battle VR (Steam VR)

Smashing The Battle VR (Steam VR)

The VR Shop - Silver Award
System: Valve Index & HTC Vive
Price at Time Of Review: £7.99
Comfort Rating: Yellow (Mild Movement)
Genre: Action
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers, Gamepad
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG

Description: In the year 2085, a huge multiplex construction site becomes a victim of a massive scale hacking incident. Due to the hack, the construction robots start to attack the workers on site. What could have possibly happened?

Review: Playing as The Survivor or The Chaser you must stop a hoard of killer construction robots from killing you and everyone in the city. This game is all-out action, with a small side order of CGI porn thrown in for good measure. It’s loud, fast and perfect for some mindless action. With various power moves, upgrades and enemies to smash there are lots to keep you going (provided you don’t mind doing the same thing over and over).

The title of the game pretty much gives the game away as to how simple this game is. You smash hundreds of robots and get to the end of the level, repeat until dead or the game is over. On the plus side, there are some very bouncy boobs like DOA style to be had. But not even CGI boobs can save this game from being a little repetitive. I think it is a fun game as long as you don’t take anything about it too seriously. Is it worth the asking price of £7.99? I would have to say no and suggest you try and get it for at least half of that.

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