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Sports Betting in VR is Easier Than You Think!

Sports Betting in VR is Easier Than You Think!

Sports Betting in VR is Easier Than You Think!

While it is nice to have a supporting app that you can simply click on and bet there is another easier way to do sports betting in VR without the need for a dedicated app. And best of all it is not only easier than you would think, but it might also be better than using a 2D screen for some people!

I am of course talking about VR web browsers. Be it one running through big-screen or just the one attached to the VR headset. With build-in VR web browsers with the Oculus Go or Quest, you can do something like read a quick review or place a bet and you can do it all on a giant screen with TOTAL PRIVACY! I am not just talking about an incognito tab on the desktop, I am talking to no one else other than you being able to see what you are doing!

Then there is the desktop PC’s that don’t have web-browsers built-in, but they do have apps that let you see the PC screen even if that said PC screen has been turned off! VR apps like big-screen and virtual cast let you use your normal web browsers like Chrome and Firefox (with all the passwords, logins and information installed) so you can make a bet on the local football team with easy to read text and totally privacy once again.

OK, so we all know VR isn’t perfect, especially when it comes to browsing the web, but it is possible to use the technology even now to place a bet and manage your online casino account. It has to be said when the screen is 4ft by 12ft in front of your eyes it is a lot easier to read all that small print you have been ignoring for far too long.

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