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Sprawly Internet Beta

Sprawly Internet Beta (Oculus Go & Gear VR)

Sprawly Internet Beta

The VR Shop - Bronze Award
System: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Tool/App
Input: Touchpad
Best Playing Position: Sitting, Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG

Sprawly Internet Beta

Description: Our proprietary tech supercharges your ability to read text of any length comfortably.

Search: Backed by powerful web-crawling algorithms. Go ahead, search for anything.
Web Browser: Rendering is done by your device’s normal webview, so it looks just like you’re used to.
Choose Your Environment: Deep space, sunset above the clouds… so many fantastical options.

Review: Doing web and content searches in VR in an inevitable part of what we might well do in VR. Sprawly Internet Beta is a good view of what that might look like. With a simple search, you can be surrounded by stories and web pages about the things you know and love.

While this is just a Beta it works well and has some good settings to search with. You can also listen to your own music while searching. It’s not going to replace Google anytime soon, but it might help someone standing by virtually surrounding them with the right learning materials.

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