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StarVR Debuts an Actual Headset...and It's Better Than You Thought!

StarVR Debuts an Actual Headset…and It’s Better Than You Thought!

VR News: OK, so it’s not quite the consumer version we would have all loved, but it is an enterprise edition and it’s far better than you would think. With its stunning 210° FOV (Field of View), built-in eye tracking, custom-made AMOLED display that can serve up 16 million sub-pixels and all that at a refresh rate of 90 FOS this is one very serious headset indeed.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While I would have liked a consumer version of this headset there simply isn’t the PC’s out there that are powerful enough to run it (not to the general public and non-PC builders amongst us anyway). But I still think this is a good step forward to VR. Enterprise businesses need something extra special, especially when they are being used for 3D design or immersive rides. With the Pimax “8K” still to be released I am sure StarVR will be keeping a firm eye on peoples thoughts and experiences with their Pimax “8K” headsets.

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