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Is Your Rollercoaster Getting Old and a Little Boring? Give It a VR Makeover!

Is Your Rollercoaster Getting Old and a Little Boring? Give It a VR Makeover!

VR News: While it is far from new news Candice Louw takes a look at how virtual reality is changing the way themeparks design rides and wonders if it could be the future of all themepark coasters. But it is the number of the “VR” coasters that is the most surprising.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While I have yet to try a VR coaster myself I have tried many VR rollercoaster apps and games so I know full well how immersive they can be. I can only guess overlayed with a real coaster track to ride on, it will be simply amazing. The thing is, its not just new coasters that are getting a VR element, it is older rides as well. In fact, just about any steel coaster could be given a VR makeover and being an avid coaster rider I could name a few for sure. The thing with these rides is, it costs a LOT of money to design, built and test a new rollercoaster, hundreds of millions in investment money, but a VR ride overlayed with an older steel coaster and suddenly you have a “new ride” at a fraction of the cost!

Sadly I am also aware that a lack of pupil or focus adjustment could mean some people take a ride and only get to see a blurry image for the whole way, so it would be good to see some improvement on headsets self-adjustments to make VR and indeed the ride compatible with everyone’s head shape and eye type.

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