Takara HMD Dynovisor (1994)

“…a system that rightly deserves it place within our VR halls of fame.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Takara HMD Dynovisor

  1. Hi-Fi Stereo Ferrite Magnet Transducer
  2. 180,000 Active TFT Pixel Resolution
  3. High Impact ABS Moulded Components
  4. Inter Pupil Distance Adjustment
  5. Ground Breaking Technology
  6. Supports NTSC Video Format
  7. Custom VGA PC Interface
  8. Pupil Projection System
  9. Weighs Just 550 Grams
  10. 120 Inch FOV

Takara HMD Dynovisor

The Takara HMD Dynovisor is often seen as the much-hated cousin of the Atari Jaguar VR, and the twin of the Philips Scuba Visor. Even their owners (the few there are) will happily tell you how rubbish the system is. But yet it is still a system that rightly deserves it place within our VR halls of fame.

Half the problem with this headset is not the fault of Takara the makers, more the fault of Atari! Atari wanted to team up with Virtuality to produce a VR headset system for the home market. The problem was Atari thought they understood about VR and game consoles as a whole and that is why they failed. Sadly Takara was just caught in the crossfire. Featuring a massive 120″ display this HMD had real potential to be amazing, if only the low resolution didn’t let it down.


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