Its the Headset Everyone Is Talking About, Its the Oculus Quest!

VR News: Let’s face it, the Oculus Quest is the talk of the town and the India Express wonders what we are all asking ourselves “is the Oculus Quest the VR headset to break the VR market wide open?” I guess only time will tell, but it certainly got a lot going for it. Anuj Bhatia thinks it might be too expensive of the Indian market.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While I could have linked to any of the popular VR blogs and sites I think this view from India is one of the better POV’s. Could the Oculus Quest really help VR become mainstream? I think it just might, but it has some big hurdles that are yet to be proven in a real-world environment. Its price is amazing, the tech is even more amazing, but it’s the mainstream public that is still to be convinced on VR as a whole. To be honest, I thought the Oculus Go would have sold a lot more than it did, so who am I to guess how popular it will be!

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