Could VR Sickness Be a Thing of The Past One Day? It Seems it Just Might!

VR News: While some people link VR sickness to motion sickness that is not the whole story at all and this study that is surprisingly in-depth tries to understand exactly what VR sickness is and whether or not it can be stopped. The results are…well… let us just say a little surprising.

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My Thoughts on this Story: VR sickness is something the VR industry needs to recognise and understand more. While nausea ratings are included with most VR apps nowadays it’s trying to eliminate it as a whole that should be the overall goal. This was a great study and well worth a read. All I will say is that I myself suffered from terrible VR sickness for the fire few months of using VR, especially with my first VR headset a Google Cardboard V1. But after a few weeks, I started to get use to it and I can now spend hours in VR even riding VR coasters without too much nausea. While I agree finding you “VR legs” isn’t a great answer to VR sickness its something more people need to understand before even considering getting a VR headset.

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