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The Worlds First VR Play Drowns in Its Own Style

The Worlds First VR Play Drowns in Its Own Style

VR News: It was called Frogman and it was a deep-dive mystery set in Queensland, Australia in the mid-’90s. But sadly critics have said it sucked, but in the same breath awarded them for at least trying to merge the two art forms of both theatre play and VR.

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My Thoughts on this Story: Let me just get this one part of this news straight. It was not the idea of a VR play the critics didn’t like, but it was the storyline and the implementation of the technology that they didn’t like. But many critics did say it was something they could see being successful in the near future. Sadly I have not seen the play myself, but I would love to. It sounds like a weird combination for sure and while I could imagine a play being shown live in VR in 360 video, I could also imagine it not being as good as actually being there. But fair play to the team behind this, its something I never thought of using VR for that is for sure.

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