Have You Been Wondering What Happened to Palmer Luckey?

VR News: You might not be able to agree with the man’s political choices, but like it or not he is the father of the new wave of VR and without him, this blog and many other things won’t be here today without him. While he isn’t in the limelight anymore he has still been talking about VR as a whole and this in-depth talk with Vanity Fair is a lot more interesting than you might think…

Read More – Click Here: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/10/the-final-medium-is-virtual-reality-palmer-luckey-the-black-sheep-of-silicon-valley-opens-up-about-vr-zuckerberg-and-why-he-supports-trump

My Thoughts on this Story: Sure, he might be a controversial figure, but his thoughts and wants for the future of VR are admirable. While he doesn’t go into his “opinion” of the whole “Fired from Oculus” side of things it was still nice to hear him talking positively about the future of VR. I wouldn’t count this man out of the future of VR as he has a lot of funds and feels very passionately about it.

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