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Is It Possible to Make Real-World Friends in VR?

Is It Possible to Make Real-World Friends in VR?

VR News: While the total numbers are still low there are still a lot of people using VR devices all over the world, almost every day. So is it possible to make real-world or digital only friends in VR? For this video/article we take a look at Altspace VR and the types of interactions you can perform with it.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While there are a few good social media apps in VR (especially Altspace VR) I still think VR is missing that killer social media app. 3D social media sites like Second Life have proven the “virtual” style can work, but you need to have it in VR to really take off. I am always surprised that Second Life hasn’t jumped into bed with VR technology and they have all they need already. Getting back to the subject in hand I do believe you can make and meet friends in VR, but I have yet to meet someone in real life that I have met in a VR chatroom unless I knew them already before entering VR.

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