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Is This the Worlds Biggest VR the UK?!

Is This the Worlds Biggest VR Arcade…in the UK?!

VR News: While hundreds of VR entertainment arcades have been opened (and indeed closed) around the world this one opened by Colin Parnell (a video director) could well be the worlds biggest. With no less than 30 Vive Pro headsets running various programs and working with other simulator tools like racing and flight. Representing a massive £750,000 investment it could well put Bournemouth’s BH2 leisure complex on the VR map.

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My Thoughts on this Story: While it is nice to see anyone opening up a VR arcade I do have to wonder if this was a worthy investment. With so many VR arcades opening and failing it might not be the right time to do this, especially with much more affordable VR headsets on the way. But I would like to congratulate Colin Parnell for doing it and spreading the good word about VR as a whole.

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