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A Few Things To Consider When Cleaning Your VR Headset

A Few Things To Consider When Cleaning Your VR Headset

A Few Things To Consider When Cleaning Your VR Headset
A Few Things To Consider When Cleaning Your VR Headset

Article: It is a time in life when most of us VR infusers are worried about keeping our VR headsets clean from viruses and dirt in general. But there are things you need to remember when cleaning your VR headset. I have already shown you ‘How To Make Sure Your VR Headset is Germ-Free‘ now it is a time for the things you really shouldn’t be doing, even in normal times…

Cleaning Your VR Lenses

There are a few things you really need to consider here. The first one is the proximity of the lenses to your eyeballs. Using any sort of cleaning material can be dangerous here, so make sure you wipe it all off fully before putting the headset back on. Also, the lense are a fragile part of a VR headset so making sure you use the right cloth for them is essential. Something like a microfiber cloth is best, with a small amount of dampness to it. Nothing that smells strong nor anything that might cause damage to your eyes. Sadly the old trick of using a compressed air canister is not going to work here, so I wouldn’t bother using that.

Cleaning Your Face Padding

This is also something that needs a lot of consideration. While the best thing to do is gently soak the face padding or foam in an anti-bacterial solution you should also try to make sure that the solution you are using is without alcohol or other abrasive ingredients as these could cause irritation on the skin. The other thing to think about here is how you clean the foam or face padding. You can’t shove them into the washing machine, nor the dishwasher, you should be doing it in lukewarm water by hand.

Cleaning Yourself

The most important thing to keep clean when using VR is of course yourself. Consider getting some soft baby or face wipes to use both before and after, also using anti-bacterial handwash both before and after play is a good idea. For most people, none of these things is going to be a problem as most of us play in VR on our own and no-one else will touch it. But consider the fact that germs can live in foam or sponge for a VERY long time and there might be one day in the future when you will want to show you gran or someone else something in VR. If there is one thing this current pandemic has taught me it is to think of long-term changes and other people, not just ourselves.

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