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Virtual Ninja VR (Oculus Go & Gear VR)

Virtual Ninja VRThe VR Shop - Silver Award
System: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go
Price at Time Of Review: £3.99 ($5)
Comfort Rating: Green (No Movement)
Genre: Action
Input: 3 Dof Controller
Best Playing Position: Sitting, Standing
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG


Description: You are a ninja using shuriken and katana. Show your superior skills to the enemy. Shuriken is a weapon that can kill enemies in the distance. Shoot the enemies before they approach you. You can also headshot by targeting the enemy’s head. katana is a good weapon that not only can attack the enemy, but also can defend the enemy’s attack. You can also slice the flying watermelon. You can fight one of the five bosses. The boss is fast, powerful, and threatening. You must avoid or defend the boss’s attack and continue to attack. Your play is recorded online. You can be the best record in the world. Make your legend.

Review: Virtual Ninja VR is your classic sword swinging VR game. With some nice looking visuals and traditional sound effects, it certainly has a lot going for it. Heck, it even has a multiplayer mode! Sadly this game not only has some collision detection issues it also has a learning curve issue with no tutorial to speak of and no clear goals in arcade mode or the stages. While I do still suggest you give it a go if you like the look of it, just keep your hopes for this game low and you will be fine.

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