Studies Have Proven Virtual Reality Really Can Cure Your Acrophobia

VR News: Do you suffer from Acrophobia? If you do this news story might be of interest to you. Its the story of Fay Nuget and how she suffered from a crippling fear of heights. But thanks to one app her fear is now not as strong as it once was, but can VR really cure peoples fears?

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My Thoughts on this Story: While there are several apps that might scare you with spiders, heights and many other things, there isn’t that many that claim to cure your phobias. The app in question is “Higher Than Heights” on the Oculus Store and while it is not the best app, it does have some useful information within it. At the end of the day, most therapists will tell you that to cure your fears, you need to confront them and that is exactly what the app does, taking you in a ride on a glass elevator. You are always in control and it never tries to push you. So while I am not willing to say VR “cured” anyone, I will at least confirm that it has the ability to produce a fear of heights which is the first part of confronting your fears.

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