Vision Immersion Module (1993)

“…provides ultimate levels of visual immersion.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Vision Immersion Module

  1. 2 Full Colour Active Matrix LCD’s
  2. Removable, Hygienic Head Mount
  3. High Fidelity Stereo Sound
  4. Exceptional Large Viewing
  5. Eyeglasses Compatible
  6. Enhanced Resolution
  7. Adjustable Eyepiece
  8. 50 Degrees FOV
  9. Lightweight
  10. Comfortable

Vision Immersion Module

The sales pitch at the time said this: “The new high-resolution VIM personal viewer is changing the way people experience virtual environments…forever! Gone are the days of blurred, large pixel images VIM (Vison Immersion Module) technology provides ultimate levels of visual immersion. The VIM Personal Viewer weights only 24 ounces and is well balanced because the center of gravity is behind the forehead.” That was the marketers view of the headset anyway.

In truth, it had some good specs to support itself, but the price, weight and ultimately experience were not up for the marketing hype machine. But it is an absolute classic headset that really captures the 90’s virtual reality craze. Produced by Kaiser Electro-Optics (AKA: Rockwell Collins) it had good backing but sadly the VR bubble was not to last. Not this time anyway.


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