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VPL Research Inc - HRX

VPL Research Inc – HRX

VPL Research Inc - HRX

Headset: HRX
Manufacturer: VPL Research Inc
Resolution: Color LCD, 720 X 400 elements
Weight: 538 g (18.97 oz)
Field of view: 106HX75V, custom optics
Video in: NTSC or RGB
Cost: $49,000 (£35,949)
Launch Date: June 1992
Estimated Value: $8,000 (£5,869)

Other Features: Highest resolution LCD product available (at the time). Could be set up for either NTSC or RGB signals (factory programmed). Adjustable brightness and contrast controls.

This was VPLs’s high end product that had the highest resolution and it included Sennheiser headphones and head tracking was also available with an optional Polhemus unit. While VPL did not achieve much success in the VR market founder Jaron Lanier himself later took part in the creation of the Kinect motion controller for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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